Penguin Patch Holiday Shop

Dear Parents,

The PTO has brought the Penguin Patch Holiday Shop to Stony Hill again this year! 

This is an exciting event for students because they get to do their own shopping and enjoy the spirit of giving. There will be a wide selection of over 100 gifts that can be purchased for as little as $.25 and up to $19.95 each. Gifts will come home wrapped ready to surprise someone during the holidays!

In order to participate in this voluntary event, students must bring in three things on their assigned day:

  • Signed slip located below.
  • Pre-filled Gift List Budget Envelope (included with this information)
  • Money (checks can be made out to Stony Hill PTO)

The teacher schedule will be:

Tuesday, December 3 – ROBINSON, MARTIN and LANTAIGNE

Wednesday, December 4 – RUSSELL, SULLIVAN, PARIS and LESSARD

Thursday, December 5 – LYON, BARTOLOMEI, YOUNG and KIBBE


                **  For students receiving free or reduced lunches, vouchers are available.
----------------------------------Please detach and return to school---------------------------------------

{    } Yes, I would like for my child to participate. I have signed below and have enclosed the completed Gift List Budget Envelope and money.

{    } No, I would not like my child to participate. 

{     }  Please include a $5 voucher in my student's envelope

___________________________________ _______________  

Student’s Name Student’s Teacher

___________________________________       _______________                Parent Signature               Date