Sunday Update 9.9.18

Hi Stony Hill Families! 

I hope your children have been coming home happy to share some of the great things they've been doing during their first weeks of school. Even though we’ve had several extremely hot days, teachers kept classrooms as cool as possible and provided students with engaging activities.  It looks like the hot weather has finally broken and boy, are we relieved!

Fall Open House is September 12th.  Grade 3 begins at 5:30 and grade 2 begins at 7:00.  A flyer was sent home this week and it is attached to this email. You can also find it, and other important information, on our new website at Scroll to News & Announcements. I will always post the latest news there. You will also find a calendar that shows all important upcoming dates. 

Just a quick reminder to have your children wear footwear other than flip flops. Sneakers or sandals with backs on them are excellent, safe choices.  Thanks!

THANK YOU to all who have been dropping off / picking up their children.  You have been patient, cooperative, and have provided great feedback to help make the process better every day!  We’ve timed ourselves and found that we have gone from 20 minutes down to 10!  Below are a few reminders to keep everyone safe and help us run the process efficiently:

  1. Always, always, always, yield to buses. If a car blocks their entrance or exit to the back parking lot or Stony Hill Rd, the kiddos on those buses get home later than they should.
  2. Pull all the way up to the very end of the line (at the yellow ‘student pick up’ sign).
  3. If you need to park in the ‘spillover’ area along the sidewalk, please be sure that your entire vehicle is off of the driving lane and is completely on the sidewalk.  Once you come upon the ‘No Parking’ sign (ironic, I know =),  there is not enough room to stay out of the lane, so pull up about 15 feet until you clear the telephone poll. After that poll, you can safely park on the sidewalk again.
  4. Do not enter the pick-up circle until there is enough room so that your vehicle’s back-end completely clears the driving lane.
  5. Always scoot your car up as close as possible to the car in front of you. 
  6. Children can only exit or enter a left hand door on your vehicle.  If that is not possible, you will need to park your car in a parking space and wait until a staff member can safely walk your child across the parking lot.
  7. Keep your name card clearly posted on your dashboard.  I’ve loved the creativity I’ve seen in some of the designs! 
  8. If, for some reason, we do not have your child’s name on our pick up list, a staff member will direct you to pull into a parking space.  We will work on getting your child to you as quickly as possible.
  9. If a car is in front of you, please do not pull around to the right of the vehicle to exit the line.  A staff member may need to remind the driver to pull into a parking space to wait, and if you pull to that car’s right to drive away, an accident could easily happen. (I know that, a few times, I directed folks to exit to the right of a stopped vehicle, but that practice was done in a pinch and is not the practice I wish to continue.)  

You can count on this Sunday Update to be emailed to you every Sunday at 6:30 p.m. Since some people may have difficulty getting email, I’ll also post this on the website under News & Announcements. I will also send a monthly newsletter during the first 2 weeks of every month.  As soon as this month’s is complete, I’ll post it on our website and will send a connect ed to alert you.

I look forward to seeing you on September 12th.  Thanks and have a great evening.

Principal Monique Dangleis